City of Kitchener

“Eating Well for Less” is a topic our older adult participants were interested in learning more about.  I reached out to Amy and she eagerly agreed to do a presentation.  The shopping tips and nutrition information Amy provided were wonderful….practical and easy to implement at home. Thanks Amy for answering everyone’s questions and sharing the great handout with so many helpful tips.  I can’t wait to try your soup recipe! Cormier
Adults 55+ Services Coordinator, City of Kitchener

Carolyn, Adults 55+ Services Coordinator, City of Kitchener

Township of Woolwich

I have worked with Amy on both a personal and a professional level. I first met her when I was looking for a Registered Holistic Nutritionist for myself. She was easy to talk to, super supportive, completely non-judgmental and an expert in nutrition and healthy eating. I was so impressed with Amy and the service I received that I wanted to share her knowledge with people I work with at the Township. So I asked her to give a food demonstration to our staff with ideas for healthier eating. She was a very comfortable presenter and staff loved the ideas and especially loved getting to eat the food we made. I highly recommend Amy as a top service provider for any type of holistic nutrition counselling.

Valrie, Municipal Clerk, Township of Woolwich

Kitchener Public Library

Amy has given a number of engaging and informative talks at the Kitchener Public Library. From eating nutritiously on a budget, to advice on making healthy meals during the summer months, Amy is an expert at delivering an educated yet personable program. We look forward to having her back!

Julie, Kitchener Public Library

Through Amy’s interactive and stimulating workshops, she is able to naturally heighten a child’s interest in independently exploring nutrition through the use of their five senses.

Theresa, Montessori School of Cambridge

Kitchener Public Library

Amy did a wonderful session on health and nutrition for our library customers. She was well-prepared, engaging, and clearly very knowledgeable about her subject matter. She spoke in a relaxed, easy-to-understand manner, and judging by the crowd’s reaction, the event was greatly appreciated and enjoyed. We look forward to having Amy back for a future event!

Susan, Kitchener Public Library

Amy assisted me in recreating the St. Jacobs Daycare menu. As well, she delivered a staff workshop centered around nutrition in child care. It was a true pleasure to work with Amy on these projects. As a quality child care center we play an important role in promoting healthy eating to the children in our care. With Amy’s extensive knowledge as a holistic nutritionist we were able to bring healthier food choices to our menu, and offer our staff guidance around nutrition, eating challenges and healthy choices for ourselves and the children. Since starting our menu we have received a lot of positive feedback from parents within the center. We are happy to know that our efforts to provide healthier food choices has been met with such great response. Amy was extremely organized and gentle mannered as she share her proposed changes to our menu. I would most definitely recommend Amy to other child care centers and individuals that wish to improve their quality of life through healthier eating.

Denise Fretz, RECE, Supervisor, St.Jacobs Daycare

I felt compelled to email you to thank you for your blog and Instagram posts. They always brighten my day. I’ve tried many of your recipes and enjoy your personal stories as they are so relatable to me. I’m a working Mom of 3, and, like you, am trying to put healthy meals on the table along with juggling work and homeschooling. I have recently appreciated your Family Nutritional Quest as well. So thanks for all the inspiration and keep the posts coming.

Laura, working Mom of 3

Thanks for the grocery store tour Amy. I learned so much from you and was glad to see that I wasn’t making too many terrible choices!! I found you to be very knowledgeable and considerate of budgets and busy schedules with the tips you gave me. The grocery list template will be so helpful on my next trip to the store. I will never read an ingredient listing the same way again!!! Thanks!!

Aimee, Heidelberg

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

We explored several options when looking for a Nutritionist for our Wellness Program Healthy Eating Lunch and Learn. Amy from Designed for You Nutrition worked closely with us to design a presentation that touched on the varied needs of our team. Amy was professional, accommodating and a very engaging speaker.

Susan, Wellness Committee, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Amy provided an informative and hands-on presentation for the seniors in our day program. Her demonstration on making nutritious smoothies and the recipes she shared with everyone was delightful!

We look forward to having Amy return to speak to our participants in the future and show us how easy healthy eating can be!

Veronica, Seniors Day Outing Program

Waterloo Region District School Board

Our school hosted a parent night with Amy in late Sept. to help parents conquer the dilemma of “What and how to pack lunches and snacks for school?”. Amy came prepared with different containers and fabulous ideas of what to put in them!! It sometimes takes listening to someone talk to change how you view items in your fridge, and in the grocery store.

Amy also had a package ready for parents to look through at their leisure that would prove helpful when they got home. We learned that half the battle of packing lunches it to get your child’s input, keep it easy and healthy, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Amy’s presentation was so well organized and helpful we have already booked her to come and talk again next year!

Riverside Public School, Parent Council